Volunteer Opportunities


How it Works:

BookWorms provides preschool age children bilingual books, activities and support to improve their reading skills.  Using evidence based reading and bilingual books, intergenerational volunteers provide weekly reading and activities.  The end of the month is celebrated with a gift of books for the preschooler to take home and begin building their own family library.  

Volunteer Center of Sonoma County has been providing volunteer services in Sonoma County since 1972.  This expansion into preschools comes at a critical time.  With many children falling behind as they enter kindergarten, our program aims to support preschool age children by bringing them high value volunteers to work with them on a weekly basis.  

Volunteer Opportunities:

Join our team of BookWorms Volunteers:

Volunteers must be bilingual in Spanish and English.  Contact Pcallessert@volunteernow.org or call 707-573-3399.  


The steps for becoming a Volunteer:

1. Meet with a Volunteer Coordinator

2. Get fingerprinted for DOJ background check 

3. Submit a negative TB test (We can accept test results within the last 4 yrs.)